Research update

February 13, 2012

The Foundation consults Ontario health system leaders on the state of connected care under Ontario’s Excellent Care For All Act & beyond.

As The Foundation’s public engagement with seniors and caregivers wraps up, we begin a new series of consultations with Ontario’s health leaders and those at the coal-face of delivery to probe the problems, potential, and best practices relating to integrating our health system. We want to better understand how leaders perceive the experience of seniors and caregivers as they transition between parts of the system. We’ll also ask what they think are key challenges and opportunities for redesigning more integrated healthcare.

These two exercises complement each other and will reveal how the views of our system’s users relate to those of its stewards on key challenges in navigating our system, particularly at transition points. Both levels of input are important to gain a better grasp of overall systemic barriers to health system integration, and provide a wider provincial context to inform our PATH community project.

Talking to health system leaders: who & how?
Over the next few months, the Foundation will consult more than 50-to-60 health system leaders to hear their views on the patient and caregiver experience in Ontario. We’ll be talking to leaders across government, LHINs, CCACs, hospitals, family health teams, academia, and healthcare associations.

The multi-phased, iterative process will segment health system players using four consultative methods including: one-to-one interviews with planning and accountability leaders, roundtable discussions with system integrators, online surveys and webinars with those responsible for patient relationships across the continuum, and face-to-face interviews with top thought leaders to reflect on the learning gathered throughout the process. We’ll probe their thoughts on: how well our healthcare system responds to seniors moving from one part to another, key supports to ease healthcare transitions for seniors and their caregivers , what seniors and caregivers face/experience moving within and across level s of care, including: primary care, out/in-patient care and community care. We’ll also explore their top ideas on opportunities to improve the patient experience, imperative features of an accessible and efficient health system, and examples of leading organizations or systems they think are — getting it right.

Like our citizen engagement, our leaders’ engagement has two phases. Our current dialogue will provide a snapshot of the perspectives of provincial health system leaders in the early stages of implementing the Excellent Care For All Act (ECFAA) with its central goal to deliver high quality, patient-centred care. Later in 2014-15, the Foundation plans to explore whether views have shifted. What’s better or easier, and what remains to be addressed? In late spring, look for a final report outlining what we’ve learned from discussions with those holding the reins of healthcare change.

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