About us

An independent health policy think tank, The Change Foundation is changing the debate, practice and experience in Ontario health care, prompting system-wide, patient-centred improvements. The Foundation engages the stewards, stakeholders and users of Ontario health care, advising, supporting and challenging them to work together on shared goals: better health and quality of care; better patient experience and engagement; better value for money.

The Change Foundation turns 20 in 2015, ready for its next challenge as a think tank dedicated to doing.


To be Ontario’s trusted advisor advancing innovative health policy and practice.


  • To make caregivers and individuals in need of health care part of the health care discussion about how to find solutions to improve their experiences.
  • To stimulate new ways of thinking, behaving, and interacting to foster improved health care for people, especially when they are in transitions.
  • To generate robust and independent research and policy analysis of health care issues related to improving the experience of individuals and caregivers as they navigate the health care system.
  • To lead informed discussion and strategic engagement with the stewards, stakeholders and users of the health care system.


Excellence: We strive for excellence in all we do.
Innovation: We take innovative approaches in developing new ideas.
Collaboration: We work in partnership with others to achieve success.
Inclusivity: We strive to include all voices and views.