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With a focus on innovation and change, the winter and spring of 2017 have been a busy time at The Change Foundation. This issue of Top of Mind features reflections on young carer programs in the U.K., and insights on how legislation has helped drive the creation of so many young carer programs. President and CEO Cathy Fooks shares thoughts on whether recognizing the role of family caregivers is enough. Finally, this issue features commentary on our Changing CARE projects, as well as a profile on the work of the family caregiver community of interest.

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Family caregiver spotlight: Family Caregiver Community of Interest

Catherine Monk-Saigal, Program and Communications Associate In each issue of Top of Mind, we profile the journey and stories of Ontario’s family caregivers –profiling organizations, groups and individuals taking action to improve the experience of family caregivers across the province, specifically in the health and community care system. Spearheaded by two dynamic and proactive caregiver More >

A bird’s eye view on young carers services in the U.K.

Catherine Monk-Saigal, Program and Communications Associate Early on in The Change Foundation’s year of listening and learning from family caregivers (2015-2016), young carers emerged as an often-overlooked group of caregivers. A focus on meeting the needs of young carers in a variety of settings will be integrated in our work with our four Changing CARE More >

Creating new linkages between the caregiver, the community and health care is essential

Genevieve Obarski, Executive Lead, Program Implementation  In January, February and March, The Change Foundation team had the privilege of traveling across Ontario to launch the Foundation’s four Changing CARE partnerships. Each launch event was an excellent showcase for each partnership, bringing together the family caregivers, patients, providers, and other community stakeholders that will be part of More >

Moving beyond recognition

In April, the spotlight was shining on family caregivers more than ever before. April 4 was Family Caregiver Day and a number of appreciation events were held to recognize the vital role families play in caring for a family member, friend or neighbour. In fact, for the first time ever, this day was recognized at More >

Across the pond: New reflections from the UK

The start of the winter season always brings tidings of joy, peace, and for some, relaxation. For many family caregivers, however, this can be start of an even more stressful period. From providing emotional support to performing medical tasks, we know caregivers take on a host of roles and responsibilities, many of who also hold More >

Enhancing Care, Enhancing Life: Looking closer at Long-Term Care Councils

Stephanie Hylmar  In Ontario, more than 620 long-term care homes provide round-the-clock nursing, medical, social and personal care for more than 78,000 residents at any one time. In recent years, long-term care homes have been increasing their efforts to work collaboratively with system partners, staff, residents and families to enhance the quality of care and More >

Insight and innovation in the UK

Christa Haanstra, Executive Lead, Strategic Communications  It was on the train back to London from Hertfordshire when the enormity of just how much leadership, collaboration and focus is needed to make positive changes for caregivers in Ontario registered. Throughout my work with The Change Foundation, I’ve been lucky to be a part of numerous caregiver More >

“Stay With Me”—John’s Campaign revolutionizing hospital care in the UK

Catherine Monk-Saigal Imagine a health care world where the term “visiting hours” doesn’t exist and caregivers or family members of people with dementia are invited to stay with their loved one in hospital. Open visiting hours may still be a work in progress in Ontario, but thanks to a small but very powerful grassroots movement, More >

Changing CARE—Our time for action

We listened. We heard. Now it’s time for action. That’s been our mantra for just over a month now with the launch of our new funding initiative, Changing CARE. We’ve done the legwork, and we’re ready to take action in Ontario’s health and community care sectors. This past week was our deadline for Expression of More >

My whole experience: Olivia’s young carer journey

Catherine Monk-Saigal As long as she can remember Olivia Wyatt has been a caregiver to those around her. She didn’t grow into it and it didn’t come naturally—it was just always part of her. “It’s hard to remember it coming at all,” says Olivia, 17, “It was just always there. Caregiving was my whole experience.” More >