Provider Consultations

Health care providers and professionals interact with both patients and their family caregivers in their everyday work.  When we launched our new strategic plan Out of the Shadows and Into the Circle, bringing a new focus to the role of family caregivers in the health care system, we wanted to listen and learn from family caregivers as well as frontline health care providers.

Starting in February 2016, we are reaching out to providers from a variety of health and community care settings including primary care, acute care, mental health, home and community care, and long term care to better understand their experience in working with family caregivers.

The Caring Experience: Provider Engagement


Phase 2 of The Change Foundation’s Caring Experience project will include a series of engagement sessions with frontline health care providers, as well as a survey to these individuals across Ontario. For the purpose of this project, frontline health care provider includes any professional in the health or community care sector who interacts with family caregivers on a daily basis.

Insights and results gained from this exercise will directly inform future work completed by The Change Foundation under our current strategic plan.

Provider Engagement Sessions

These two-hour sessions, facilitated by TCF staff, aim to better understand the interactions that take place between frontline health care providers and family caregivers. They are also structured to gain important perspective on the relationship that exists between frontline health care providers and family caregivers, in addition to gaining insight on where these different players fit within health and community care settings.

Survey to frontline health care providers

The Change Foundation is also working with various organizations to circulate a brief survey to frontline health care providers. This separate survey builds on the engagement sessions by seeing what interactions between providers and family caregivers look like across the health care spectrum. The survey also aims to gain a provider perspective on the supports available for family caregivers, as well as what other resources might be needed for providers and for family caregivers. Participation in a face-to-face engagement session is not a prerequisite.

If you are a frontline health care provider in Ontario, you are invited to complete the survey here.


The Change Foundation will be conducting these two provider consultation activities from February to June 2016.

For more information:

For more information on the engagement sessions, or to inquire about the provider survey, please contact Frances Roesch, Senior Program Associate, at or 416-317-7408.

For information on The Change Foundation’s broader engagement activities related to Out of the Shadows and, Into the Circle, please contact Genevieve Obarski, Executive Lead, Program Implementation, at, or 416-205-1564.