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A Patient-Centred System: Framing the Picture

June 23, 2010

Patient-centred care is not something that healthcare providers “allow” or “facilitate” but “something much more fundamental: a healthcare system that starts by putting patients and caregivers at the centre and building from there.” In framing the discussion for our 3rd annual invitational exchange, Meeting of the Minds 2010: Rethinking Health Services with Patients Top of Mind, Change Foundation’s CEO Cathy Fooks challenged participants to think about how healthcare (and the metrics we use) in Ontario would change if the system were truly conceived and delivered with patients and their caregivers at the core.

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Citation information: Cathy Fooks. Speaking Notes: 2010 Meeting of the Mind: Redesigning Health Services with Patients Top of Mind. Presentation: speaking notes from The Change Foundation event, Meeting of the Minds 2010. Toronto. June 2010.

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