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Am I Doing This for You, or am I Doing This for Me?

June 23, 2010

Is everything we’re doing adding value for the patient or client? That’s the guiding question behind this presentation by Nick Kates, provincial lead with the Quality Improvement and Innovation Partnership (QIIP) at The Change Foundation’s 3rd annual Meeting of the Minds: Rethinking Health Services with Patients Top of Mind. With a focus on primary care services, Kates outlines what should drive the redesign of clinical services, some common obstacles, and practical suggestions for rethinking services from the patient’s perspective.

Read the presentation slides

Citation information: Nick Kates. Am I Doing This for You, or am I Doing This for Me?. Presentation: slides from The Change Foundation event, Meeting of the Minds 2010. Toronto. June 2010.

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