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Commentary: Integrated Healthcare in England – Lessons for Ontario

May 01, 2009

Experience in England shows that significant investment in infrastructure, numerous iterations of a devolved management model, and strong regulatory and governance frameworks do not in themselves deliver integration or improve the patient and client experience. It is the scope of our ability, as a system, to listen and respond to local needs that will be the lynch pin in an integrated system. By building on what works in other jurisdictions, avoiding what doesn’t, and applying a “local needs” lens to system design, healthcare transformation may not be painless, but is most certainly achievable.
This commentary by Tony Woolgar is a companion to The Change Foundation’s international case study, Integrated Healthcare in England: Lessons for Ontario. Woolgar has extensive experience in senior healthcare management and policy development in England and Canada, including service as the founding CEO of the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) in Ontario.

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