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Getting in Gear (Audio)

June 21, 2011

The 2011 invitational Meeting of the Minds focused on how to make “patient experience” a priority in a meaningful and measureable way. What role do access, communications, and engagement (ACE) play in shaping a better experience for people interacting with the health-care system?

The Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s Barbara Balik delivered the keynote address and identifies five key drivers of change:
• Governance and executive leaders must demonstrate that everything in the culture is focused on patient and family centered care
• The hearts and minds of staff and providers are engaged
• Every interaction reflects respectful partnerships
• Systems deliver reliable quality care 24/7
• Care teams instil confidence through collaborative, evidence
based care

Getting in Gear Presentation, part 1 (mp3) (12:36 min)

Getting in Gear Presentation, part 2 (mp3) (15:26 min)

Getting in Gear Q&A (mp3) (15:43 min)

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