PANORAMA: Our provincial advisory panel of healthcare users & caregivers

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October 17, 2012

PANORAMA is a panel of Ontario residents with nothing – and everything – in common. They come from all parts of the province, all sizes of communities, and all walks of life; they reflect a wide range of ages and ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds; they bring a rich blend of abilities and life experiences. But all 32 have frequent, ongoing contact with the healthcare system, either as patients with chronic health conditions or as caregivers supporting loved ones with similar health circumstances. And all are volunteering their time to make the system better. This backgrounder describes the panel’s profile, processes and purpose—advising the Foundation on its goal of improving patient/caregiver experiences.

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Citation information: The Change Foundation. PANORAMA: A Panel of Ontario Residents Exchanging Views, Experiences and Advice to Improve Healthcare. [Background Paper]. October 2012. Toronto: The Change Foundation

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