Patient/Family Advisory Councils in Ontario Hospitals – At work, in play

PFAC report

May 1, 2015

“We’re making a culture change here, of trying to engage our patients more in decision making and moving away from advising” (PFAC staff interview).

This report investigates the evolving function and best practices of Ontario’s hospital-based Patient/Family Advisory Councils (PFACs): one mechanism some hospitals are using – among other approaches – to advance patient/family engagement and patient-centred care.

This 3-part preliminary report aims to guide, connect and inspire by presenting thematic findings with examples of challenges and successes (part 1); quantitative data (part 2); and listings of PFAC initiatives, with contacts (part 3). The Foundation interviewed patients, family and staff from 29 hospitals about the functioning and impact of their councils.

Hospitals early in their PFAC journey can learn from those ahead of them. In future, we hope to expand our review beyond hospitals, reporting on PFACs and related bodies in other healthcare sectors.

Read report: Part 1 (Emerging Themes), Part 2 (Data Tables), Part 3 (Examples: What Councils Changed).

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Citation information: Patient/Family Advisory Councils in Ontario Hospitals – At work, in play. Report [main report - 23 pages]. The Change Foundation, Toronto, 2014.

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