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Reflections of a Caregiver and Patient Advocate

June 22, 2010

“Hi, my name is Patrick, I’m his partner. Get used to me because I’m not going away.”

Drawing on his personal experience as a caregiver and on research and reflections, author Patrick Conlon’s address to The Change Foundation’s 2010 Meeting of the Minds injected an urgent plea for patient-centred care and a system that supports it. With humour, compassion and practicality, Conlon recounts his experience as a caregiver and advocate which led him to many insights, including the “realization that every hospital patient is part of a community, a community that can play a significant role in recovery.” Patient-centred care, he says, is the difference between simply fixing a medical problem and presenting an opportunity for true healing.

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Citation information: Patrick Conlon. The Change Foundation Meeting of the Minds (Presenter: Patrick Conlon). Presentation: speaking notes from The Change Foundation event, Meeting of the Minds 2010. Toronto. June 2010.

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