Using Social Media to Improve Healthcare Quality: Part 2


June 1, 2011

Part 2 of our guide to the new world of social media in healthcare offers practical learning from 10 months of fieldwork with two organizations: the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Canada’s largest mental health and addictions teaching and care delivery institution) and Providence Healthcare (a Toronto-area teaching hospital specializing in rehabilitation and geriatric care). Before the project, both had been testing the social media waters. After, both reported a much greater understanding of the implications and opportunities presented by social media and increased capacity to make well-informed and strategic decisions about its uptake. Produced for the social media novice and initiated alike, our two-part guide to current practice and future promise in using social to benefit patients is part of a suite of interactive resources to help healthcare organizations better understand the potential and limitations of social media and prompt them to use these tools to capture and improve the patient experience.

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Citation information: The Change Foundation; Health Strategy Innovation Cell. Using Social Media to Improve Healthcare Quality: A Guide to Current Practice and Future Promise. Part 2, Exploring Two Case Examples and Imagining the Future. [Report]. June 2011. Toronto: The Change Foundation

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