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HTOH: Rivard

Hot Talk 2014: presentation by Cheryl Rivard, Patients As Partners

July 14, 2014

Hot Talk 2014: In this presentation (pdf), Cheryl Rivard, Patients as Partners Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal Health, provides insight into how her region is moving on BC’s priority on person-centred change.

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HTOH Caryl Harper

Hot Talk 2014: presentation by Caryl Harper, BC’s Patients As Partners

July 14, 2014

Hot Talk 2014: In this presentation (pdf), Caryl Harper, Director of Patients as Partners, BC Ministry of Health, provides an overview of the organization’s groundbreaking collaboration with patients and caregivers.

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PATH – Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare: Breaking New Ground

October 17, 2012

In West Northumberland, patients, caregivers and health providers will work together to co-design services and improve seniors’ healthcare transitions – a trailblazing $3-million project funded and overseen by the Foundation.

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Hot Talk 2012: Using patient experience to redesign healthcare services

July 5, 2012

In this Hot Talk 2012 presentation, Jocelyn Cornwell, King’s Fund, and Helen Baxter, NHS, lay out the principles and impact of patient and provider healthcare redesign in England.

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patient voices slide_small

Impact BC’s Patient Voices Network engages patients in healthcare change

July 5, 2012

In this presentation, Joyce Resin, Community Action Executive Director of ImpactBC, outlines the groundbreaking mandate of the Patient Voices Network (PVN). PVN helps patients/caregivers become meaningfully engaged in healthcare change.

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