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Art Frohwerk

Experience Design: A Framework for Patient Care

June 23, 2010

Art Frohwerk of Seattle-based Clearpath LLC describes an innovative team-based framework for patient-centred care to transform and deliver “new value” in a growing number of US healthcare settings.


Art Frohwerk

Missed Connections: The Healthcare Experience for Patients, Families, and Staff

October 6, 2008

Despite all the capability and dedication in healthcare, missing connections are too common, they can be devastating, but there’s a better way. Background reading for Meeting of the Minds 2010.



Designing Positive, Memorable Experiences …in Healthcare

May 6, 2008

Experience Design is “the best methodology” for refocusing healthcare on patient healing, writes Art Frohwerk in this paper related to his talk at our 2010 Meeting of the Minds exchange.


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