Policy Issues

The health and healthcare policy issues described below are The Change Foundation’s domain, reflecting our mission to support an integrated healthcare system in Ontario and better experiences for the people using it.

We’ve categorized the interconnected issues under broad headings so you can easily find what you want. And so you don’t miss anything from our array of multi-media materials, each resource shows related items. The resources are from inside and outside the Foundation, ranging from reports, guides, literature reviews and case studies, to blogs and commentaries, chart packs and videos.

Family Caregivers

Research tells us that most Ontarians have been or will be a family caregiver at some point. Twenty-nine percent of the provincial population – or 3.3 million people – provide some form of support, assistance, care or enrichment to a family member or friend. Both women (53%) and men (47%) in Ontario take on caregiving roles.
We believe, that by recognizing, facilitating and supporting the role of the family caregivers, we can improve patient experience, coordinate care more effectively and create an environment in which the highest quality health care can be delivered. This plan was developed with input, insight, and ideas from over 100 people, including our Strategic Plan Renewal Working Group, our Sounding Board and TCF’s citizen’s panel, PANORAMA.

Patient Engagement

Resources (from the Foundation, international and Canadian experts, and patients/caregivers) about the attributes of patient engagement that translate into good healthcare experiences. The Foundation sees the following elements as essential to positive patient/caregiver experiences: clear, consistent information; coordinated, connected, comprehensive care; shared engagement in care; respectful, empathetic, considerate care that is also timely and convenient.

System Transformation

What changes (to structure, governance, culture, funding, policy, performance management, IT, leadership) are required to achieve a high-performing integrated healthcare system in Ontario? What’s the evidence and experience? You will find content and comment on regionalized healthcare in Canada, Ontario’s LHINs, international case studies, primary care’s role in integrated health systems, and more.
This content centres on what’s being said, done, and learned internationally, nationally and provincially to enhance safe and effective care that provides a good experience and the best possible outcomes for patients and value for money. The Foundation is currently focused on health services redesign, patient-provider co-design, and experience-based design, especially around cross-sector transitions.

Home and Community Care

We need stronger home and community care, better resourced, supported and integrated with other parts of the healthcare system. That’s key to improving experiences for patients and family/friend caregivers (especially seniors with chronic health conditions). It’s also key to better health outcomes and system sustainability. The content speaks to these needs and efforts underway to meet them.