Eleanor Rivoire

Eleanor RivoireFormer Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, Kingston General Hospital

Eleanor Rivoire of Kingston, Ontario is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive at Kingston General Hospital (KGH). In her role, she was the executive sponsor for Patient and Family Centred Care and the driving force behind KGH’s Patient and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) program.

Setting her sights on changing the culture at KGH to one that encouraged patients and families to bring their voices to the table on matters of organizational planning and decision-making, Eleanor led the charge to make sure that the four PFCC principles – Dignity and Respect, Information Sharing, Participation and Collaboration – were incorporated into all aspects of hospital life. Thanks to her leadership, over 60 Patient Experience Advisors currently partner with KGH staff, decision-making groups materially impacting the patient experience are required to include at least one patient advisor at the table, and KGH is seen as a worldwide leader in patient-centred care. Simply put, Eleanor’s work has had a profound impact on patient experience at KGH.

Eleanor’s multiple contributions to effecting patient-centred change at KGH include:

  • Ensuring PFCC language and expectations are woven into all job descriptions, evaluations and policies;
  • Developing patient-centred leadership tools which support staff and advisors alike regarding what they need to know and be aware of when meeting at the decision table together; and
  • Ensuring that the first voice heard at new staff and resident orientation is the voice of the patient.

Through Eleanor’s leadership and encouragement, KGH has also become a resource for many other health care organizations. In the past four years alone, the hospital has been approached by over 150 organizations across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia who would like to better understand its approach to PFCC. She is a great example of how local patient-centred initiatives can have a global impact.


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