Catherine Monk-Saigal

Program and Communications Associate

Catherine Monk-Saigal

Catherine Monk-Saigal joined The Change Foundation as Program Associate in September 2015, and moved into her current role as Program and Communications Associate in February 2017. In this role she supports the communications team and digital activities, in addition to working on the Foundation’s young carer portfolio, coordinating Foundation events, province-wide caregiver engagements, and supporting partnerships.

Prior to The Change Foundation, Catherine was on the front-line of pediatric medicine for six years, coordinating the care for patients in various departments at The Hospital for Sick Kids. In addition to five years of experience coordinating care in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Catherine led multiple quality improvement and Continuous Improvement Planning (CIP) projects using Lean Six Sigma methodology, while engaging with multidisciplinary teams.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ryerson University and also has her Yellow Belt in Six Sigma project management, as well as foundational training in quality and risk management. Catherine is currently working on her certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson University and is an avid yoga practitioner.

You can reach Catherine at or 416-205-1579.


NEW REPORT: The second in our Lessons From #ChangingCARE series, where we talk about what we, and the Changing CARE teams have learned so far as we listen, learn & #codesign with caregivers & providers. This one’s focused on the teams’ co-design events.