Visually Recognizing Caregivers: The Caregiver Identification (ID) initiative

Caregivers and health care providers want an easy way to identify and recognize caregivers. In partnership with both caregivers and providers from the Changing CARE teams, The Change Foundation has developed a Caregiver Identification ( ID) visual icon. The icon is used on Caregiver ID cards and by the patient’s bedside in care settings to identify that the patient has a caregiver that he/she consents to be part of his/her care team.

Offering a family caregiver identification initiative is a clear demonstration of an organization’s commitment to caregivers. It’s a visual way to acknowledge and identify family caregivers in health care settings and facilitate their role as a partner with the health care team.

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Access additional examples of the Caregiver ID initiative and family presence policy.



As #OHTs embark on more patient and #caregiver engagement activities and the compensation question surfaces, these tools can help answer the question: Should patient and family-caregiver participants be paid? #ONhealth #codesign