Frameworks, Strategies and Action Plans

A number of frameworks, strategies and action plans have already been developed that focus on the various challenges family caregivers face and the ways in which caregivers can be better supported. The list below reflects the recent boom in literature on caregivers over the past five years and offers a number of ideas and methods on how to better serve these individuals.


Action Canada Task Force. 2013. Who cares about young carers?: Raising awareness for an invisible population.

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Carers Canada. 2008. A framework for a Canadian caregiver strategy: A Canada that recognizes and respects the integral role of family caregivers in society.

Carers Canada. 2013. A Canadian caregiver strategy: A Canada that recognizes, respects and supports the integral role of family caregivers in society.

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Carers Canada. 2015. Mobilizing Action: Integrated Action Plan. 

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Expert Group of Home and Community Care.  2015.  Bringing Care Home.  Report to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care.

Family Caregivers Advisory Committee and Mental Health Commission of Canada. 2013. National guidelines for a comprehensive service system to support family caregivers of adults with mental health problems and illnesses.

Health Council of Canada. 2012. Seniors in need, caregivers in distress: What are the home care priorities for seniors in Canada?

Employment and Social Development Canada.  2015.  When work and caregiving collide: How employers can support their employees who are caregivers.

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Ontario Medical Association. 2014. Home care: Recommendations to support physicians and patients as they access home care services.

Sinha, S. 2014. Caring for unpaid caregivers: Developing an Ontario caregivers’ strategy.


Note: Links are provided where possible to articles that are accessible to the public. Sources without links are accessible by purchase or through a subscription to an academic journal.


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