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How we applied an equity lens to our caregiver engagement

Plus one please…
When we hear this phrase, we often think of bringing people that we know to weddings or dinner parties.
But how often in our lives can we say that we hear unfamiliar voices at the table? And how often do we look up from our seats to notice if there are voices that are missing?

Special announcement

After much careful thought and consideration, our CEO Cathy Fooks has indicated her intention to leave the Foundation.

Parents are Hard to Raise

Listen to our seven episodes on the podcast series where we discuss the caregiver experience in Ontario.

Spotlight on Fabiana

Learn how Fabiana finds fulfillment in balancing working and volunteering while caring for her son.

Spotlight on Joan

Learn how Joan is beginning to ask for help and take care of herself after caring for her husband for so many years.


GUEST BLOG by Stacey Daub @Stacey_iCare After recently losing a dear friend, colleague and world-class patient co-design expert extraordinaire, Stacey Daub reflects on the influence that Eileen Dahl passed on by sharing three insights.