Patient Engagement Reports

Using Social Media to Improve Healthcare Quality: Part 2

Part 2 of our guide to the new world of social media in healthcare offers practical learning from 10 months of fieldwork with two organizations: the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Canada’s largest mental health and addictions teaching and care delivery institution) and Providence Healthcare (a Toronto-area teaching hospital specializing in rehabilitation and geriatric More >

The Storyboard

In The Storyboard, The Change Foundation explains how we have narrowed our patient focus to seniors with chronic health conditions and their family and friend caregivers. This work led to our search for a coalition of providers, patients and caregivers in one community/region in Ontario committed to working differently – to co-design improvements that span More >

What Do Surveys Suggest About Patient/Caregiver Experiences in Ontario?

This companion to The Change Foundation’s review of patient/client and caregiver surveys summarizes the findings of a dozen surveys and offers our observations: Patient/caregiver satisfaction with communication and coordination appears to decline as they move from hospital to community. Patient/caregiver satisfaction with their experience depends on their particular needs. Patients with more complex needs appear More >

Patient-Centred Care: An Introduction

A discussion paper prepared July 2009 by Change Foundation research advisor Steven Lewis for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, to frame the province’s Patient First Review. It was provided as background reading for The Change Foundation’s 3rd annual Meeting of the Minds exchange, Rethinking Health Services with Patients Top of Mind. Download “Patient-Centered Care”

Engaging Communities in Healthcare Change in Ontario: Mission Impossible?

A companion to the summary report from the March 2009 invitational symposium and workshop, Community Engagement & the LHINs: Truth & Consequences. Our commentary draws out the policy issues and implications emerging from what we heard and pulls out salient suggestions on how to support health service providers and the LHINs in enabling informed citizen More >

Community Engagement & the LHINs: Truth & Consequences – Summary Report

A summary of presentations and discussion at The Change Foundation’s March 2009 symposium and workshop help in partnership with Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to explore enablers and barriers to community engagement in healthcare change. This summary also shares the results of real-time voting at the symposium on such critical questions as the priorities More >

Who is the Puzzle Maker?

“You’re sent for more tests, you’re adding more doctors or specialists … and then you really sit back and you have to think to yourself from time-to-time, ‘Well, who is the puzzle maker? Who’s getting all these pieces and putting them together?’” — Carmen, patient and caregiver in Toronto Through snapshots of patient and caregiver More >


We created an online toolkit to share our resources, tools and learnings in an effort to help others learn from our experience with #codesign and caregivers. If you are building the case for #caregiver involvement check out this toolkit: