Experience survey

The Changing CARE teams with the help of some additional experts – someone with lived experience as a caregiver and two people with expertise in evaluation and measurement – co-designed surveys to probe the experience of caregivers and the experience of providers.  The questions were designed to probe the themes of Changing CARE – Communication and information, Assessment and ask, Recognition as a care partner, and Education and resources.  The two surveys were key data collection tools for the Changing CARE teams.  The surveys were further customized at the project level.  The surveys are provided, along with: (i) a mapping of the caregiver questions against the related provider questions; and (ii) a visual of how the survey questions line up against the CARE themes and the related indicators. 

  1. Caregiver Experience Survey
  2. Provider Experience Survey
  3. Map – Caregiver and Provider Survey Questions
  4. Visual – Caregiver and Provider Questions and Indicators


The four Changing CARE partnerships are developing local supports, programs, or resources that address four thematic needs: #ChangingCARE is Education Learn about the Changing CARE partnerships: bit.ly/2B6AMJw pic.twitter.com/8qEjpiEiNl