Future Innovator Awards

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Help us recognize Ontario’s Future Innovators

The Change Foundation is celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2020 by honouring those who have a strong vision for positive change for patients and caregivers and have the potential to make notable impact going forward.

What are the Future Innovator Awards?

The Change Foundation’s current mandate is focused on the caregiver experience in Ontario. Our vision is to see caregivers recognized and supported properly. The Foundation believes that there are people, teams and/or organizations laser focused on making the patient, caregiver and provider experience better. We want to identify and showcase these potential future innovators. Those who have the will, vision and potential to create and lead transformative and meaningful change in the years ahead.

The Future Innovator Awards will recognize up to five people, teams and/or organizations that have a strong vision for positive change for patients and caregivers and have the potential to make notable impact going forward. The nominees should have some track record of driving change, but most importantly have the potential to create and lead transformative ideas in the future.

The Foundation is looking for nominations from all parts of the health, community, home and social services systems whose forward vision has, and will continue to have, a meaningful impact on the health experience and outcomes for patients, caregivers and providers. The Change Foundation is not looking to highlight medical advances, per se, but rather the people who are the force behind meaningful change.

Through the Future Innovator Awards, The Change Foundation will recognize and showcase those people, partnerships and/or organizations whose forward vision has the potential for exponential and meaningful impact on the healthcare experience and outcomes for patients, caregivers and providers in Ontario.

Eligible nominees include patients, caregivers, healthcare leaders and practitioners, family members, community members, volunteers, staff or any combination of people who’ve come together and demonstrated the desire to implement change to better the patient and caregiver experience now and in the future.

We will select five recipients in some or all of the following categories:

  • Youth: A young person (25 years old or younger) who is doing and/or leading something new and innovative to make a positive impact on the lives of patients and their caregivers. This person should demonstrate a strong vision for the future of the patient and caregiver experience within the healthcare system.
  • Technology: People, teams, groups or organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the patient and caregiver experience through technological advances for today and will continue making an impact in the future.
  • Organization: A team or organization that works directly with patients and their caregivers to implement positive change within the healthcare system for future patients and caregivers. These nominees should have clear approaches that drive better patient and caregiver outcomes. This team or organization should be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to innovation and a propensity to successfully spread and scale ideas to other people/organizations/partnerships.
  • Caregiver or patient: A caregiver or patient who has impacted the lives of other patients and caregivers now and has a vision to make the experience with the healthcare system better for the future. This person should demonstrate an impact on the healthcare system beyond their own situation.
  • Cross-sector: An innovation that is breaking down barriers and silos within the healthcare system, or beyond the walls of traditionally defined healthcare. This nomination should showcase how cross-functional, cross-industry people and/or groups have come together to create a responsive approach for the needs of patients and caregivers and has seen or is seeing notable/promising outcomes. This person’s or group’s results should be outpacing others within the healthcare industry and their vision for improved future practices should be undeniably person-centered.

If you are interested in applying for the award please review and complete the nomination form. If you have any questions, please email awards@changefoundation.com.

If you have questions about the Future Innovator Awards, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Submissions close Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 12 p.m. (noon) EST.


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