Highlights of Change, Annual Report 2009-2012: Microsite

July 31, 2012

Cover of 2009-2012 Annual ReportThe streamlined roundup outlines how we’ve put our ideas to work and into play, as the Foundation wrapped up one strategic plan — focused on health integration– and began to implement another — centred on improving the healthcare experience. Highlights of Change points to an array of popular resources and events produced by the Foundation, and shows that new conversations with diverse audiences, and new partnerships, commitments and opportunities have been created to push person-centred care toward reality. The report includes examples of how we’ve ignited new thinking, led the way, assembled top minds, and walked our talk.

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"Especially in the beginning, it wasn't a break for us because we would be right there helping" -Emily, Young Carer #youngcarers Hear from other #caregivers in our Wishlist videos: bit.ly/2tb3KDK pic.twitter.com/ykZJ5hTeY3