Loud and Clear – Seniors and Caregivers on Navigating Ontario’s Healthcare System

April 27, 2012 Cover Page of Loud & Clear Download "Loud & Clear"

Loud and Clear reflects what the Foundation heard late in 2011 during province-wide consultations with seniors with chronic conditions, and their informal caregivers.

“The problem is that no one seems to understand the system. There’s no system map to explain how it works to caregivers or people using it for the first time. You get the sense that, without this map, you have no idea how it works. People explained parts of the system but not the overall system.”

Senior citizen sharing insights with other seniors, caregivers and The Change Foundation, Fall 2011

The report captures their voices, views, and experiences navigating healthcare transitions and offers new data and unique insights into the big and little things that would improve their health, quality of life — and the quality and sustainability of our system.

The messages: connect, communicate, include. Connect all parts of healthcare, especially primary care. Communicate early, often, and across the board: provider to patient/family, provider to provider; place to place. Include patients and family in decisions that affect their lives. Don’t let people facing barriers fall behind.


Watch CEO Cathy Fooks speak to Loud and Clear:



We dedicate this report to the seniors and their family members and friends across Ontario who shared their experiences and stories with us. They spoke forcefully and thoughtfully, with both emotion and measure, about where the system has failed them and how it could serve them better. They spoke loud and clear.


Where do #caregivers go for information and supports? We gained insights from our survey with 800 caregivers for the Spotlight on Ontario's Caregivers however we wanted to hear from our Caregiver Advisory Panel members as well. Check out what they said: bit.ly/2KJpOOm pic.twitter.com/WJG3ehZI0X