Strategic Plan 2010-2013: Hearing the Stories, Changing the Story

June 22, 2010 Cover of 2010-2013 Strategic Plan Download 2010-2013 Strategic Plan

“The change that’s needed won’t come easily or quickly to healthcare. And it won’t come at all if we don’t change the debate, change the practice, change the experience.”
– The Change Foundation Strategic Plan, 2010-2013

On June 22, 2010, The Change Foundation released its 2010-2013 strategic plan, Hearing the Stories, Changing the Story, and announced our new goal: to improve the experience of individuals and caregivers as they move in, out of, and across the healthcare system over time as their health changes. The Foundation will work on what will be one of our signature products for the coming three years – a provincial patient/caregiver experience project.



Stephane is a young caregiver who assists with caring for his younger brother. Don has been caring for his wife since her diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer’s 5 years ago. Hear from Stephane & Don on what their #caregiving experiences have been like: