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This toolkit houses the resources and tools we – and the Changing CARE teams – have created to help you implement co-design and caregiver engagement in your organizations.

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Time to Talk Toolkit

Co-designed by providers and caregivers, the Time to Talk toolkit is a self-recognition and support tool that aims to facilitate awareness of caregivers – their roles and the value they bring to being on the care team, and encourage meaningful conversations.

Supporting Caregivers During Discharges

Effective discharge planning involves the family caregiver to ensure they have the supports and education needed for a smooth transition from the hospital to the community.

Using EMRs to Improve Provider – Caregiver Interactions

Caregivers often provide insightful information that can be helpful for providers in better understanding how the patient is managing and coping with their condition(s). However, Information about and from the caregiver is not easily captured in a standardized manner in electronic medical records (EMRs). To facilitate improvements in provider and caregiver interactions, and enable caregivers a voice on the care team, EMRs can be adapted to ensure relevant conversations are documented in a dedicated space.

Frameworks and Rights: Improving Caregiver Experience in Care Settings

Organizations looking to engage and improve caregiver experience in their care settings can adopt a caregiver friendly framework and outline the rights of caregivers. Both tools inform staff, providers, patients and caregivers that caregivers are visible, and valuable, members of the care team.

Building Online Local Repositories of Caregiver Resources

Two of the Changing CARE projects, Embrace and Connecting the Dots, developed local websites to support the education and awareness of programs, services and resources for caregivers and healthcare providers. Both projects used a co-designed approach, working with local caregivers and healthcare providers to develop the websites.

Resource Hub

As part of our caregiver engagement and research activities, we have developed a collection of legislation, policies, strategies, and organizations directed at family caregivers. These resources provide access for individuals and groups looking to help improve the experience of family caregivers.


As #caregivers interact with different parts of the healthcare system, we learned that 51% to 54% of caregivers find transitioning to or from a healthcare facility to be difficult. Learn how #caregivers view themselves within the healthcare team: