Top of Mind: Winter 2020

In the Winter 2020 issue of Top of Mind we launched our new podcast series ‘Hidden: The Voices of Young Carers‘ which aligned with Young Carers Awareness Day, a reminder to register for our Capstone Summit on May 4 & 5, 2020 and to submit nominations for the Future Innovator Awards. We offered a preview for the next Primary Care Virtual Community Session and the Patients & Caregivers Take on Technology conference. Finally, there was a wrap up of three recent updates: Eileen Dahl. A dear friend, colleage and world-class patient co-design expert extraordinaire; CEO Announcement; Parents are Hard to Raise and IFIC Canada Virtual Community: Spread and Scale of Integrated Care.
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GUEST BLOG by Stacey Daub @Stacey_iCare After recently losing a dear friend, colleague and world-class patient co-design expert extraordinaire, Stacey Daub reflects on the influence that Eileen Dahl passed on by sharing three insights.