Changing CARE update: Summer 2017

Christa Haanstra, Executive Lead, Strategic Communications 

Following the launch of the Changing CARE projects in early 2017, followed by a two-day intensive training on co-design by the UK’s Point of Care Foundation in late March, the teams have been working away, in partnership with caregivers, to build the foundation for change.

All four projects have convened a Steering Committee and have established a structure for governing the project and operationalizing the project work. The Change Foundation is actively participating on each of the Steering Committees, to bring our knowledge, insights and expertise, gained through our caregiver and provider engagement work, and our previous patient engagement work through PATH and PANORAMA.

From full-day planning retreats, to contributing to discovery work, to participation on committees, to being on hiring committees, to hiring caregivers in paid project roles, the caregiver voice is being given a stage through our Changing CARE partnerships across Ontario.

The Change Foundation and our Changing CARE projects are guided by our Compensation framework, outlined in our 2015 report Should Money Come Into It?, in helping to decide whether to pay patient and caregiver engagement participants.

A natural consequence of working in an emerging area is collaboration. We’re already seeing the collaboration happening between the four teams, despite their geographic spread, and their unique clinical priorities. From sharing resources, to creating opportunities to learn from each other, to building on each other’s’ ideas, the partnerships are growing strong.

A great example of this is the creation of three Coordinating Groups looking at three common issues across the Changing CARE projects—a formal caregiver ID and recognition program; a caregiver assessment process; and, a common evaluation and outcome measurement strategy. Each of these groups is chaired by an Executive Lead from The Change Foundation, and has caregiver participants, along with representation from each of the Changing CARE partnerships. They’ve each had their initial meetings, and will be working through the summer and into the fall. The goal is to lead a shared development approach that can be implemented at each of the four project sites, with the intent to share the model so that it can be spread across the province in the longer term. Stay tuned for their progress!

Even at this early stage, we can clearly say that the Changing CARE partnerships are poised to be leaders in caregiver recognition, support and integration in the Ontario health care system. Together, they will change the way health care organizations, providers, and caregivers work together.

Changing CARE update

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