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The Caregiver Wishlist

This video highlights small things healthcare providers can do to improve the caregiver, and ultimately patient, experience.

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The Caregiver Wishlist - Co-Design In Action

Learn from The Change Foundation’s experience co-designing the caregiver wishlist video with caregiver Carole Ann Alloway.

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Abbigail – Young Carer

This is Abbigail. In many ways, she’s a typical 14-year old. She loves to draw and look at stars and planets with her telescope. She’s also a young carer. This is her story.

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Alissa – Young Carer

Young carer Alissa answers the question: How do you cope with being a young carer?

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Amy & David – Young Carers

Young carers Amy and David answer the question: What do you want other young carers to know?

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Carole Ann – Caregiver

Carole Ann has been the primary caregiver for her husband since complications from surgery caused his health to significantly deteriorate.


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