Voices From The Path Project on The Power of Co-Design

September 26, 2013

As PATH rolls out, several participants share their thoughts on using experience-based co-design to shift local healthcare culture. They represent PATH’s various project element teams, including Aging Well, Transition Coaching and Person-Centred Care.


Sheri McKeen, Central East CCAC’s outreach team member: “It has brought back my passion for why I’m in healthcare.”

Ralph Curtis, patient: “I have trouble getting excited about much at my age, but I’m very enthusiastic about this.”

Francesca Mule, ER physician: “It’s invigorating to see people from different backgrounds come together towards a common goal.”

Jane Pinchin, caregiver: “Suddenly I’ve found these people with similar stories, so it means you’re not alone in the world.”


How do we define ‘family caregiver’? By “family caregivers” we mean family, friends and neighbours who provide the vast majority of care, support and enrichment to those who have health related needs. Learn more about us and our work: bit.ly/2H7ZGgw pic.twitter.com/p3yLT8z7c9