Voices From The Path Project on The Power of Co-Design

September 26, 2013

As PATH rolls out, several participants share their thoughts on using experience-based co-design to shift local healthcare culture. They represent PATH’s various project element teams, including Aging Well, Transition Coaching and Person-Centred Care.


Sheri McKeen, Central East CCAC’s outreach team member: “It has brought back my passion for why I’m in healthcare.”

Ralph Curtis, patient: “I have trouble getting excited about much at my age, but I’m very enthusiastic about this.”

Francesca Mule, ER physician: “It’s invigorating to see people from different backgrounds come together towards a common goal.”

Jane Pinchin, caregiver: “Suddenly I’ve found these people with similar stories, so it means you’re not alone in the world.”


"Especially in the beginning, it wasn't a break for us because we would be right there helping" -Emily, Young Carer #youngcarers Hear from other #caregivers in our Wishlist videos: bit.ly/2tb3KDK pic.twitter.com/ykZJ5hTeY3