Who is the Puzzle Maker?

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“You’re sent for more tests, you’re adding more doctors or specialists … and then you really sit back and you have to think to yourself from time-to-time, ‘Well, who is the puzzle maker? Who’s getting all these pieces and putting them together?’”
— Carmen, patient and caregiver in Toronto

Through snapshots of patient and caregiver experiences in navigating the Ontario healthcare system, our first health integration report provides insight into the changes necessary to create a system that is centred on patient and caregiver needs. The report draws on several sources:

  • findings from 10 focus groups with patients and caregivers across Ontario;
  • results from a general Ontario survey about communication and information flow in the healthcare system;
  • a literature review on public expectations and experiences of integration of healthcare;
  • a scan of who is measuring what in health integration in Ontario.


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